300Mbps Internet Network for Connected Objects and Moving Things:

50 bn of connected objects and wearables are expected in 2020. Even if each device produces a small amount of data, it exceeds Internet capacity. Connecting all things with current narrowband or wideband infrastructures may not be enough to answer the demand and growing usage in mobility.

Green PI answers Internet of Things needs in traffic and mobility with a high-capacity Internet network that uses embedded devices to offer high-speed connectivity in static as well as dynamic environments.

Embedded Internet Infrastructure

Green PI uses tinny and low power routers (YOI) that can be embedded onto robots and flying drones or set on autonomous power supply (solar panel, battery, etc.) for a long-lasting and autonomous network. The Start&Stop (SaS℗) functionality turns on and off routers automatically according to the needs of the network providing an effective way to save energy.

Large Capacity IoT Network

Once deployed, YOI connects automatically with other Green PI devices using an advanced Device-to-Device technology to create an instant wireless network transferring real time videos, calls and data over multiple hops. Green Communications’ patented routing software ensures network robustness and Quality of Services (QoS) in both static and dynamic environments.

Local Computing Capacity

YOI embeds a local cloud. Hence, it is possible to host data, applications and services directly in the router instead of using distant server. The essential functions and services are therefore available anytime, event when there is no Internet connection.


  • Swarm of connected drones and robots
  • High capacity sensor network
  • Video surveillance network



Green PI’s patented routing software achieves best performance in terms of Devie-to-Device network transferring video and data over long distance and multiple hops (up to 30!).


Green PI can be used as a confined network or connected to the Internet. In both case Green PI offers three level of security. 1) The network is WPA2 encrypted in access and backhaul. 2) One can add its own security software per machine 3) and at the application level.


Green PI hosts essential data and applications locally in order to be autonomous from an internet connection (professional applications, video treatment, etc.)


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