Easy to Deploy and Affordable Network Densification Solution

Connectivity is the key issue in large public venues and events. Providing Internet to a large number of users requires intensive network densification- an operation consisting in increasing the number of access points in order to provide a high density of users with an Internet connection. However, extensive cabling and the civil engineering densification operations require make large-scale deployment prohibitively expensive. Densification itself does not solve large public venues’ connectivity challenges. A large number of connected users making simultaneous Internet requests to reach information stored in distant servers creates bottlenecks in the network leading to Internet saturation.

Green Communications created the Participatory Internet (Green PI), a new generation of densification solution for Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G and beyond networks to solve these challenges.

Densification With no Additional Cabling

Green PI’s innovative infrastructure replaces network cabling by wireless Device-to-Device connections. Free of cabling and civil engineering constraints, one can deploy as many access points as necessary to answer the connectivity demand.

Green Communications offers the possibility to deploy the infrastructure using participants. In that case, a subset of people holds a Wearable YOI – Green Communications tinny access point running on battery. YOI connect automatically with each other to create a large-scale wireless Internet network.

Local Hosting of Essential Applications and Services

Once a Participatory Internet is on, users access to a local portal showing a large panel of applications and services.

The local portal is hosted directly in the network’s access points, close to the end user instead of using distant servers. The use of such edge networking technologies instead of central cloud creates shortcuts in the information path and avoids Internet saturation. Navigating on the local portal is therefore fast and does not use the Internet connection.

Green PI’s local apps and services include, but are not limited to: Live video, streaming, chat, web, network view and localization, local cloud, etc. One can also add its own local content and services according the chosen storage capacity.

Low Carbon Impact Internet

Participatory Internet uses less energy than traditional Infrastructures. 1) Green Communications minimized the energy consumption of the access points. 2) The local portal shortens the distance between the end user and the information lowering the energy spent to reach the information. 3) The Start&Stop (SaS℗) functionality turns on and off routers automatically according to the needs of the network providing an effective way to save energy.


  • High density Internet infrastructure
  • Temporary wireless Internet for events
  • Indoor and outdoor public Wi-Fi infrastructure



Green PI optimizes the use of the Internet bandwidth by hosting vicinity information close to the end user instead of using distant servers.


Green PI’s wireless properties allow the deployment of enough access points to answer the connectivity demand.


Green PI replaces network cabling by wireless Device-to-Device connections making intensive densification affordable.


Use Case : Green PI Events and Cities


Video : Green PI Stadium