Wireless Internet for Isolated Areas (3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, IoT).

When the world race to digitalize, white spots with no Internet connection persist. Lack of connectivity in trains, planes, rural areas and emerging countries, is due to the extensive cabling of traditional Internet infrastructures that makes their deployment prohibitively expensive.

Green Communications solves White Spots’ connectivity issue creating Green PI, a cable free and affordable Internet infrastructure.

Green PI: Internet Without Infrastructure

• No Cabling

Green PI replaces network cables by wireless Device-to-Device (D2D) connections. Green PI routers (YOI) connect automatically to create a wireless and self-configured Internet network. Free of cabling and civil engineering constraints, one can deploy a wireless Internet infrastructure (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G) easily and at an affordable price.

• Autonomous Power Supply

Green PI’s tinny and low power routers (YOI) can be set on solar panels and batteries in order to create an Internet without the need of previous infrastructure. The Start&Stop (SaS℗) functionality turns on and off routers automatically according to the needs of the network providing an effective way to save energy.

• Participatory Internet

Green Communications offers the opportunity to generate an Internet with participants. Merchants, citizens, businesses create the network by carrying a YOI. Green Communications’ routers then connect automatically to form the wireless Internet infrastructure.

• Local Internet

Once Green PI is ON, users access to a local Internet providing a large panel of applications and services. Local based content, applications and services are hosted close to the end use, directly in the YOI, to increase navigation speed and to preserve the Internet bandwidth.


  • Rural connectivity
  • On board connectivity
  • Internet infrastructure for emerging countries



Green PI reduces up to 10 times the cost of Internet infrastructure thanks to its wireless and self-configured properties.


Once deployed, Green PI provides a high speed network transferring video, calls and data.


Green PI offers three level of security. 1) The network is WPA2 encrypted in access and backhaul. 2) One can add its own security software per machine 3) and at the application level.


Green PI’s patented routing software achieves best performance in terms of Devie-to-Device communications transferring video and data over long distance and multiple hops (up to 30!).


Use Case: Rural Connectivity