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25 Jul 2016

Carrier Pigeon Drone selected for Viva Technology show – June 30th to July 2nd, 2016 – Paris

The Carrier Pigeon, a drone product developed by Green Communications, has been selected for Viva Technology show’s Hall of Tech among 84 competing solutions.

Carrier Pigeon Drone, a Delay Tolerant Network Technology, forwards digital information to unconnected crowds of a festival, an event, etc. Drones use Green Communications’ embedded technology (Green PI) to create a flying and connected MEC (Mobile Edge Computing). They hold a local cloud and transfer it from one location to another like a Carrier Pigeon without the need of any network infrastructure.

From June 30th to July 2nd 2016, Viva Technology’ show will bring together the most innovative startups, investors, academics and executives to shape the future and propel digital transformation.

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06 May 2016

TILAS Wins The Celtic Plus Award Using Green PI Technology

On April 28, TILAS, a research project that aims to provide a large-scale IoT test-bed deployment for smart cites, won the Celtic Plus Innovation Award. Green Communications provided to the project a Green PI platform for Internet of Things applications.

TILAS provides a solution ranging from node testing, node packaging, latency reduction to Over The Air Programming for traffic pattern monitoring, water management & monitoring and video surveillance of smart cities.

Green PI’s advanced wireless multi-hop technology removes cabling and reduces latency of sensor networks to improve large-scale smart cities infrastructure deployments.

Find out more about TILAS project by following the link.
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12 Apr 2016

Green Communications selected for the final round of AMIF’s startup challenge

Green Communications is selected for the final round of the “connected objects and smart cities” startup challenge organized by the Mayors of Île-de-France Association (AMIF) in partnership with EuroQuity and the incubators 104factory, Agoranov and Descartes.

On April 14 and during the Mayors of Île-de-France Annual Meeting, Green Communications presents the Participatory Internet before a jury composed by elected officers and actors of the innovation.

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01 Apr 2016

Green Communications at The Pitch Deloitte #4 – April 14th, 2016 – Paris

Green Communications is selected to present its technology Green PI during The Pitch Deloitte 4th edition on April 14, 2016.

The Pitch Deloitte is an event organized by their department of innovation. It gathers start-ups, investors, major accounts and media around the innovation and entrepreneurship. On April 14th, 9 start-ups cover 3 categories: Blockchain, Artificial intelligence and Cleantech.

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01 Apr 2016

Densification is a key enabler of 5G by Green Communications

Densification as a key enabler of 5G is the topic covered by Green Communications’ article “The 5G is not what we often say. The key is rather the density than the bitrate!” published by Action 5G Research.

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07 Dec 2015

Green PI deployment in the city of Meaux in partnership with Orange.

As an answer to the traffic growth and Internet equipment saturation, a new Internet infrastructure becomes necessary. Based on people solidarity, the Participatory Internet is an innovative solution that copes with infrastructure overload.

Green PI, the Participatory Internet developed by Green Communications comes out for the first time in a shopping street during a city fair. Green PI is deployed thanks to the voluntary participation of merchants.

They provide visitors with Wi-Fi hotspots by simply displaying an Indoor YOI in the front window of their stores. In return, they get their own information emphasized with local content hosted directly inside the Indoor YOI.

The operation organized in concert with Orange, the City of Meaux and Green Communications takes place during “Meaux et Merveilles” fest from December 4, 2015 to January 5, 2016.

Find here more information about the “Meaux et Merveilles” program.

12 Nov 2015

Green Communications in the process of Internet Deglobalization

Green Communications is strongly engaged in optimizing Internet’s resources to face its exponential growth. Therefore, the company proposes to shorten the path crossed by the information by moving Internet Intelligence to the edge of the network instead of centralizing it into datacenters.

Find here:
- The article “Internet Deglobalization” written by Khaldoun Al Agha, CEO of Green Communications, published in Le Monde newspaper and relayed by France Culture.
- The article “In order to make it cleaner, should we decentralize the Internet?” by Rue89.


01 Jul 2015

Recent deployment: Green PI for emergencies with Groupe INTRA

Groupe INTRA chose Green Communications to do the wireless coverage of their annual nuclear accident first response event last June at the Chinon EDF Nuclear Plant.

The Group of Robotics INTervention on Accidents (INTRA) simulated the fast deployment of a fleet of robotics machines on the field of a nuclear accident and used Green PI technology to forward real time videos and restore quickly communications on the field.

Within minutes, Green PI embedded routers (GreenBox) were deployed in the area and real time videos streamed from drones and robots were transferred to a control station. Green PI wireless network also provided rescuers with embedded & autonomous applications and services such as chat, VoIP, videoconference, video streaming, etc.

Find here a short video about the Group INTRA deployment.

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13 Apr 2015

Green PI achieves videoconferencing over 10 Wi-Fi hops

Green Communications demonstrates the quality of its Green PI technology and Qolyester routing algorithm by achieving a videoconference over 10 network Wi-Fi hops.
By partnering with the leading energy player EDF, we were able to test the rapid deployment of an instant communication network: Ten GreenBox (access points) were deployed and connected instantaneously using our advanced Device-to-Device technology, creating a Wi-Fi network without the need of either a preliminary audit or previous infrastructure.
Within minutes, two people located at either end of the network were able to exchange calls and videoconference over the 10 Wi-Fi hops. The Qolyester’s Handoff functionality allowed them to move along the network without interruption.
It is the first time a real time video is operated over a high number of Wi-Fi hops validating our routing algorithm for large-scale deployment and for mobility purpose.
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