Green PI hosts programs, applications, and services at the data source and in a distributed way to ensure speed, resilience and quick server response time.

The Edge Cloud

The edge cloud hosts content, applications and services near end-users and devices. One can access these edge services though a web portal using any type of device equipped with a web browser and connected to Green PI.

Distributed Edge Services

The edge cloud and its services are distributed in each IoE platform that compose the Green PI infrastructure so that a platform can enter and leave the network dynamically without disrupting the services.


My Network is an edge-based service that enable one to visualize the state of a Green PI network and clients (users, IoT devices, vehicle, robots, etc.) in real-time.

Green PI provides edge-based services to locate users, devices and platforms on a map or by topology in the Green PI network.

Green PI provides a Push-to-Talk application enabling a group of Green PI users to have voice conversations directly with no need for connecting to an external infrastructure. One may use TALK with a Bluetooth headset, freeing the user from the need for a web interface.

Chat is an instant messaging service to send and receive text messages, photos, files and videos with other Green PI users with no need for an Internet connection.

Green PI gives access to a distributed storage system that enable one to share files with other Green PI users.

Green PI offers a blockchain service for tracking data transmitted through the Green PI network. The service uses innovative low power consensus algorithms and chain structure that make the blockchain suited to fixed, embedded and mobile use cases (e.g. mobile radio, V2X, mobile robots).

Green PI provides tools to set up real time video streaming of cameras connected to Green PI.

Other edge-based services for system setup, monitoring, IoT and edges management, etc. are available. Green PI is also open to third parties’ services integration.

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  • Critical/tactical communications
  • On board services
  • Time sensitive IoT



Relocating services at data source and near end-user reduce the latency and improves servers’ response time.


Green PI services are available anytime with not need for an Internet connection. Edge services can evolve independently from a centralized cloud as well as interact with it.


Green PI is open to third parties’ programs integration. Green Communications offers state of the art development services for specific needs.¬†