Green PI connects fleets of vehicles, drones and robots with a high-throughput dynamic network and provides them with a shared edge-based intelligence for V2X, swarming, platooning, and on-board services among other applications.

V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything)

Green PI creates direct communication channels among vehicles (cars, trucks, drones, robots, etc.), infrastructure, users, etc. Green PI’s communication network is dynamic, self-configuring and high bandwidth. It transfers high-throughput application traffic in real time (e.g., videos, calls, etc.) over multiple wireless hops with no need of external infrastructures (e.g., operator network).

Embedded Services

Vehicles, infrastructures and users, connected with Green PI share a common Edge Cloud with edge-based content, applications and services (e.d., Chat, Voice & Video, Storage, etc). These edge-based services can evolve independently from a centralized cloud as well as interact with it. One may add to the Edge cloud any third-parties programs for specific applications such as platooning, swarming, etc.

Mobility and Scalability

The Edge Cloud and its services are distributed. Edge Cloud ressources (devices and vehicles) can leave and join the Edge Cloud without disrupting Green PI’s edge services. Green PI’s patented routing software achieves best performance in terms of V2X communications transferring instant real time service’s traffic over 30 wireless hops (state of the art < 4). Green PI can also connect multiple edge cloud located at several location through secure IP tunnels and various interfaces (4G, Wi-Fi, Ethernet) to further extend the Edge Cloud capacity.

Long System Lifetime

The Green PI technology is low power. Full stack IoE platforms are in embedded format and features only 5W energy consumption. Green PI can be integrated as a software or using one of our low power hardware on ressource limited device (e.g., drones) with a limited impact on the system lifetime.


Green PI’s IoE platforms provide hotspots inside the vehicle to connect user devices and gives access to local content, applications and services hosted near the end user. This local-based services are available anytime, even if there is no internet connection. Multiple IoE platforms can be deployed in pubic transports (e.g., trains, planes, bus) or in a fleet of vehicles. In that case, the IoE platforms will synchronize automatically to create an Edge Cloud with shared intelligence.

Green PI can be integrated as a software or as an external device onto drones, robots and cars to create fleets of connected vehicles with a shared edge-based intelligence for swarming, platooning, among other applications.


  • On board connectivity with services
  • V2X communications
  • Swarm of drones and robots (indoor & outdoor)



Green PI offers high bandwidth connectivity and quick server response time for time-sensitive high-throughput applications (e.g., real time video).


Green PI offers 3 layers of security. 1) The network is WPA2/WPA3 encrypted in access and backhaul. 2) Edge services use TLS and HTTPS. 3) Remote access is provided through secure IP tunnels. Green PI is open to third parties security services integration.


Green PI’s Edge Cloud and services can evolve independently from a centralized cloud as well as interact with it.