Green PI is a High Density (HD) connectivity solution with Quality of Experience (QoE) for operators, large public venues, cities and events.

Participatory Internet Network

Green PI’s tiny IoE platforms deployed at the vicinity of end users and devices participate to creation of an autonomous wireless Internet infrastructure. IoE platforms provide hotspots to user terminals, cameras, sensors, etc. and connect together directly to form a wireless mesh network of platform. Green PI’s wireless mesh network can evolve independently from external infrastructure (e.g., Internet connection, operator network) as well as interact with it. Green PI’s Participatory Internet network can be used as an stand alone Internet infrastructure or as a densification solution of an existing one.

Services with Quality of Experience (QoE)

Once Green PI is on, users access to an Edge Cloud with edge-based applications and services. The Edge Cloud and its services are hosted in the IoE platforms, near end users. Vicinity of users and servers provides high Quality of Experience (QoE) though increased navigation speed and better server response time. Access to Edge-based services do not require an Internet connection which save on Internet bandwidth and avoid saturation. Green PI’s edge services include, but are not limited to: Voice & video communications, instant messaging, file sharing, web, visualization, localization, etc. Green PI is open to third parties services integration.

Low Carbon Impact Internet

Green PI uses less energy than traditional Internet and cloud infrastructures. 1) Green Communications minimized the energy consumption of its IoE platforms featuring 5W energy consumption (state-of-the-art: 15 W). 2) Participatory Internet Networking coupled with Edge computing technologies reduce the travel of the information and save on Internet and datacenters ressources.


Green PI is a new generation of Internet and Edge Cloud that ease network densification operation. Green PI replaces network cabling by wireless links between participating IoE platforms. Free of cabling and civil engineering constraints, one can deploy as many access points as necessary to answer the connectivity demand. Green Communications offers the possibility to deploy its network using participants. In that case, a subset of people holds a handheld IoE platform. The platforms will connect automatically with each other to create a large-scale wireless Internet network. Green Communications proposes to host high-throughput content, applications and services, on the Edge Cloud rather than using remote servers to save on Internet bandwidth and to avoid saturation.

Use case example: HD Wi-Fi for cities, large public venues and events

Green PI is an easy to deploy Internet and edge cloud infrastructure that requires no cabling nor civil engineering operations. The platforms that create the infrastructure can be deployed by participants (users, enterprises, cities). Green PI network and services can evolve independently from external infrastructure as well as interact with it to further densify operator’s networks.

Use case example: Internet infrastructure for emerging countries, densification solutions for urban areas, wireless infrastructure for rural areas.


  • Venues’ HD connectivity & digital services
  • Operators’ network extension & densification
  • Indoor/outdoor public Internet infrastructure
  • Temporary Internet for events



Green PI optimizes the use of the Internet bandwidth by hosting vicinity information close to the end user instead of using distant servers.


Green PI’s wireless properties allow the deployment of enough access points to answer the connectivity demand.


Green PI replaces network cabling by wireless Device-to-Device connections making intensive densification affordable.