Green Communications provides ready-to-use platforms for the easy setup of an edge-based solution with connectivity, edge cloud and services. Platforms deployed on multiple sites can be connected and synchronized to create a large scale Internet of Edges (IoE). The platforms of the Internet of Edges are tiny and low power routers called YOI (Your Own Internet).

YOI (Your Own Internet)

YOI is an embedded Linux router equipped with Green Communications’ software (GreenSoft). Each router comes with 2 Wi-Fi interfaces: one to create a network with other YOI, and the other to provide access to smartphones, tablets, laptops, or any other Wi-Fi device. YOI features a web server, so one can provide local content, services, and applications to the network.  You may also configure YOI as gateway or use the YOI-4G/LTE equipped with a 4G/LTE modem to connect a Green PI network to Internet. In this case, local traffic stays local and global traffic is sent across the gateway to Internet. YOI is a low power device (<5W) that can be battery or solar powered for mobile and on demand networking.


Handheld Router Featuring 5W Energy Consumption for On Demand Connectivity with Edge Cloud and Services.

Generate your own Internet with edge cloud and services everywhere using YOI’s tiny and low power platforms. When coupled with a stand-alone power system (e.g, battery), YOIs offer an autonomous and mobile wireless edge-based solution. One may keep the network offline and enjoy the edge cloud ans its local services in total privacy. You may also set up a gateway to other networks to synchronize with other Edges of the Internet of Edges or to interact with a centralized cloud.



YOI Router with Integrated 4G/LTE Modem for Mobile Networking.

One may need to connect Green PI to remote clouds or to  other Edges of the Internet of Edges. A simple solution is to add a YOI-4G/LTE to your Green PI network using it as a gateway.



Weatherproof PC With 2 Wi-Fi Network Interfaces for Outdoor Deployments.

A set of low power Outdoor YOI coupled with a stand-alone power system offers an autonomous and cable-free wireless Internet infrastructure (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G) with autonomous edge-based services. A network of Outdoor YOI can also be deployed permanently in a city or quickly in case of emergency to restore connectivity with services. In both cases, a network of Outdoor YOI can inter-operate with any GreenSoft enabled devices.



Portable suitcase including a set of YOI routers with batteries to create an Internet of Edges on the fly.

Optional features:

  • GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi 5
  • Battery
  • Custom enclosure

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  • Ready-to-use edge network, cloud and services



YOI routers are preconfigured so that one can set up a communication network with services by simply turning on the YOI devices.


YOI routers are open. The system administrators can use SSH or serial connections to access an interactive shell on their devices, and operate them like any regular Linux system. Green PI products also provide network administrators and application developers with the raw network data, using standard protocols, so they can personalize the platform or build new applications and services.


Some networks need to stay offline (disconnected from the Internet) for privacy reasons or because the deployment area is isolated. YOI does not require Internet access. They offer messaging, SIP, XMPP, or sharing applications with no need for any external cloud server.