Green Communications’ software (the GreenSoft) is the key enabler of Green PI. The GreenSoft is set of programs from low-level to end-user web apps that allows hardware to: i) Connect with nearby Green PI devices to create a dynamic and self-configuring wireless network with quality of service (QoS); ii) Access and share a common edge cloud with edge-based services.

Green PI's software, the GreenSoft, receives the UAF label for being used by French Armed Forces

Automatic Configuration and Intelligent Routing

GreenSoft features an intelligent routing protocol implemented as a userspace daemon in charge of the following tasks: 

  • It detects the other devices that are part of the network; 
  • It estimates QoS properties for each link; 
  • It computes (possibly indirect) routes to other devices and sets the system’s routing table up accordingly (thus ensuring that every device forwards data properly and that any network host can reach any other host);
  • When some devices forward data from the mesh network to other networks (e.g., the Internet), it ensures that all network hosts may reach these other networks.

Mobility and Zeroconf

GreenSoft features a handoff manager program. This is a userspace daemon that helps routers provide access points to regular Wi-Fi users. These users, though outside the core network, may associate to the access points and get regular network connectivity through the mesh network. The handoff manager ensures users can move from an access point to another without disrupting their connections. GreenSoft may advertise Zeroconf services to other devices and users; and that users may also advertise their own Zeroconf services to the network (including other users).

Edge Cloud and Services

GreenSoft features a web framework that provides users with a number of web applications (chat, network setup, live network visualization tool, etc.). This framework uses client-side JavaScript and static HTTP.




  • OEM Licensing
  • Integration into client’s custom hardware (drone, robot, terminal, etc.).


Green PI’s routing protocol is the result of 20 years of research and development and a technology transfer from top French universities. Green PI achieves unique performances in terms of network robustness and mobility relaying real-time video up to 30 wireless hops.