Green PI is a distributed Internet and edge cloud infrastructure that can be deployed on the fly or embedded onto wearable equipment, drones, robots and vehicles.  Once deployed, Green PI connects ground forces directly so they can communicate with no need for external infrastructure. Green PI users share and edge cloud with edge-based services (PTT, instant messaging, file sharing, video streaming, etc.) that are autonomous from an Internet connection.

Green PI receives the UAF label for being used by French Armed Forces

Direct Communications

Green PI uses tiny and low power IoE platforms to deploy on the fly or to embed onto wearables, drones, robots and vehicles. IoE platforms connect with one another and communicate directly with no need of external infrastructure. The platform form a high-capacity, dynamic and self-configuring wireless network transferring real-time videos, calls and data over multiple hops (up to 30).

Distributed Edge Services

Green PI embeds an Edge Cloud with edge-based services for instant messaging, voice and video communications, file sharing, IoT management, etc. The Edge Cloud and its services are distributed in the IoE platforms to avoid any point of failure in the network. Hence, the IoE platform can join and leave the network without disrupting the edge services. Edge-based services are available any time even without Internet connection. They evolve independently from centralized cloud as well as they can interact with it.

Robustness and Security

Green Communications patented routing protocol achieves unique performances in terms of network robustness and mobility. Green PI transfers high-throughput application traffic (e.g., video) over 30 wireless hops and perform real-time video surveillance using fleets of connected drones. Green PI offers three layers of security: 1) The network is WPA2/WPA3 encrypted in access and backhaul and remote access is provided through secure IP tunnels. 2) Edge services use TLS and HTTPS cryptographic protocols. 3) One may also keep the network offline with no possible leak nor intrusion and add its own security services.


Green PI is an embedded Internet and Edge Cloud solution that can be deployed on the fly to provides high-bandwidth connectivity with essential applications and services (PTT, voice, video, instant messaging, etc.). The Green PI solution is in an embedded format. It can be set on autonomous power supply (e.g., battery, solar panel) and packaged in a transportable suitcase.

Use case example: Tactical cell extension, autonomous critical communication network…

Green PI can be integrated as a software or as an external device onto drones, robots and cars to create fleets of connected vehicles with a shared edge-based intelligence for swarming, platooning, among other applications.

Green PI integrated onto wearable equipment connects groups of people directly with a self-configuring wireless communication network. Green PI network transfers high-throughput application traffic (e.g., video) over multiple wireless hops. Green PI hosts essential applications and services into each wearable equipment in a distributed way to avoid any point of failure in the system.

Use case example: Mobile radio


  • Tactical network with services
  • Swarm of connected drones and robots
  • Direct communications



Green PI is Plug & Play. One can set up a direct communication network with services by simply turning on the IoE platforms.


Green PI hosts essential data and applications locally to be autonomous from any external infrastructure and from an Internet connection.


Green PI is a high-capacity network transferring real-time video in static as well as dynamic environment.


IoE platforms are low power and can be set on batteries for embedded/wearable use. Green PI can also be integrated as a software onto ressource limited devices (e.g., wearables, drones) with no impact on the system lifetime.