Green PI is a low carbon impact Internet and Edge Cloud platform providing fast and resilient services to users and things in mobility. Green PI operating at multiple locations form an Internet of Edges (IoE). IoE is the equivalent of a large cloud distributed at the edge providing data security, sovereignty and low carbon footprint.

Direct Communications

Green PI connects nearby edge devices (wearables, sensors, user’s terminals, vehicles, drones, robots, servers, etc.) and enables them to communicate directly with no need of external infrastructure. Green PI communication network is high-bandwidth, mobile and self-configuring. It transfers high-throughput applications’ traffic in dynamic environment.

Edge Cloud & Services

Green PI federates edge devices resources and creates an edge cloud. The edge cloud hosts content, applications and services near end-users and devices.  Services relocated at the vicinity are low latency and offer quick server response time. They are autonomous and can evolve independently from a centralized cloud as well as interact with it. Green PI edge services are distributed in the network of edge devices. Edge devices can leave and join the edge cloud without disrupting edge services.

Internet Of Edges (IoE)

Green PI synchronizes edge clouds (Edges) operating in multiple locations and creates an Internet of Edges (IoE). IoE provides the equivalent of a large cloud at the edges in a distributed way for greater data correlation capacity with mobility.


Multiple Interfaces

Green PI provides connectivity to edge devices (wearables, sensors, user terminals, robotics, edge servers, etc.) through various interfaces (Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth, 4G, Ethernet, etc.).

Direct Communications

Green PI enables direct communications (Device-to-Device with relays) between nearby edge devices so they can share information with no need for external infrastructure.


Once connected with Green PI edge devices enjoy a high-capacity network transferring real-time voice, video, etc.


Green PI provides edge services for real-time communications (voice, video, messaging, file sharing) and system management (geo-location, visualization, remote access, VPNs, etc.). These services are hosted on Green PI’s edge cloud, near end-users and devices.


Green PI services are distributed in the edge network and automatically synchronized among edge devices to be resilient in case of edge cloud ressources mobility and to avoid any point of failure.


Services that are hosted at the edge, near end-users dans devices, are available anytime. Thus, even without Internet connection. Edge-based services can evolve autonomously from a central cloud as well as interact with it.


Wireless communications are WPA2/WPA3 encrypted in access and backhaul. Remote access is provided through secure IP tunnels.


Green PI’s edge services use TLS (Transport Layer Security) and HTTPS cryptographic protocols to ensure data privacy and integrity over the edge network.


One may use Green PI as a local and confined Internet, physically isolated from the outside world, making use of the edge services for local communications, collaborative work, and IoT management. In that case, local data remains local with no possible leak nor intrusion.


Green PI is open to third parties’ security service integration.

Green PI is dynamic and supports the mobility of all its components. Edge devices and servers can move, leave or join Green PI’s network and edge cloud without disrupting the system. Green PI’s edge services are distributed and automatically synchronized among edges devices ensuring the resiliency of the service in case of mobility.



Green PI provides edge devices with high-bandwidth direct communication network transferring real-time videos over multiple wireless hops.


Green PI’s patented routing software achieves best performance transferring real-time services traffic over 30 wireless hops (state of the art <4). Green PI also synchronizes multiple Edges operating in various locations to further extend the edge cloud’s footprint.


Green PI can be integrated to wearable equipment, drones and robots, to create a moving and self-configuring Internet with edge cloud & services.


Green PI saves on Internet and datacenters’ energy resources by relocalizing network intelligence and services at the edge, near users and data source.