Green Communications is an innovative company created in 2010 with a unique expertise in wireless networks and distributed systems. The company is strongly engaged in answering the Internet multi-faced challenge of increasing traffic, mobility, and carbon footprint.  Therefore, we created Green PI, a low power Internet and edge cloud platform providing fast and resilient digital services to users and IoT devices with mobility and low carbon impact. Green PI operating at multiple locations form an Internet of Edges (IoE). IoE is the equivalent of a large cloud distributed at the edge providing data security, sovereignty and low carbon footprint. Green PI is the result of 20 years of research and development and a technology transfer from top French universities (Sorbonne University and Paris Saclay) and the CNRS. 

We Pioneer in Low Carbon Internet Solutions

Carbon Footprint of Internet of Edges

Green Communications has conducted a study to evaluate the carbon footprint of cloud, edge and Internet of Edges solutions. The results reveal that bringing digital services closer to producers and consumers of data and connecting them directly to each other, can reduce the carbon footprint of digital communications by a factor of 16. Access the full report here: Carbon Footprint of Cloud, Edge and Internet of Edges

Internet of Edges (IoE) Concept Genesis and Development

Green PI evolves and gives birth to the Internet of Edges (IoE). An Internet of Edges federates Green PI operating at multiple locations to create the equivalent of a large cloud distributed at the edges.

What is the Internet of Edges? What are the benefits for users, enterprises, data security and carbon impact of IoT infrastructures? Can an Internet of Edges be a real alternative to centralized cloud? Green Communications answers all these questions in:

The Company Benefits From a Large Base of Established Customers in the Field of Defense, Public Safety, Public Internet and Industrial IoT Sectors
Market Expansion

Starting of Green PI experiments for healthcare and Industrial IoT applications.

Solar Powered Green PI Showcased At Viva Technology

Green Communications showcases a solar powered public Internet and edge cloud station at Viva Technology 2018 trade show in partnership with Orange. The stand-alone station offers a public Wi-Fi hotspot with local (edge) digital services such as a Chat, a file sharing service, and a local web without any power supply but the sunlight! This is made possible thanks to the Low Power YOI router of Green Communications. Find more information here.

Green PI Connects Swarm of Drones

Green Communications solution of swarm of drones is awarded at Sofins, Outdoor Robotics National Competition 2017 and receives the seal of excellence by the European Commission.

Release of the Low Power YOI Product

The Low Power YOI is the unique Wi-Fi Mesh router featuring 5W energy consumption while competing solutions consume 15W average. Thus, giving Green Communications a significant competitive advantage in the mobility market and launching Green PI as leading solution for the low carbon impact Internet. Find more details here.

Article “Internet Deglobalization” Published by Le Monde

Find here Green Communications’ article “Internet Deglobalization” published in Le Monde newspaper and relayed by France Culture and Rue89.

Market Expansion

Green PI enters the public Internet market.


Green Communications grows its team and expands its footprint in the Defense and Public Safety sectors.

Green Communications Raises Capital

Find more details here.

Winner of the EcoProduct Prize

Green PI wins the business prize for the environment issued by the CCI Essonne, category EcoProduct.

First Sales of Green PI Products
Creation of the Company

Funding Partners: Saclay University, Sorbonne University and, the CNRS.

First Research Results On Energy Saving
  • Ad hoc routing protocol integrating the energy consumption metric
  • Start and Stop of Internet routers