A cyberattack can have many sources such as a breach in the organization’s IT infrastructure, the deployment of new IoT, and third parties. Green PI is an alternative, autonomous and secure digital infrastructure that can be deployed on the fly to rapidly restore critical services and work in degraded mode after a cyberattack. Green PI is also an isolated IT infrastructure (sandbox) to securely test innovative IT solutions before their integration.

Resilience to Cyberattacks

Cyber resilience is the ability to continue operational activities even though the company has suffered a cyberattack. Unpredictability is the most difficult and stressful aspect of an attack. It is therefore crucial to have a secure, alternative digital infrastructure in place to restore critical services in minutes and keep your business running while the IT team concentrates on getting the company’s information system back to normal. Green PI allows any organization to do just that.

Cyber Resilience


Secure Integration of New IoT Technologies

Digital transformation is the process by which companies embed technologies across their businesses to drive fundamental changes.
Green PI provides a sandbox isolated from the company’s information system, that will allow you to test any innovation you may want to integrate, without fear of cyberattacks. This sandbox will be your playground, it can withstand any test, you can change it, break it, adapt it to your needs, etc.

Digital Transformation


Green PI: Digital Infrastructure to Deploy on the Fly

Green PI consists of a set of platforms, stored, or strategically placed in the environment, which can be deployed in just a few minutes. Once switched on, the platforms automatically connect to each other, forming a self-sufficient wireless network. The platforms integrate digital services that are immediately available to users connected to Green PI. Native digital services include messaging, file sharing, audio chat and more. Green PI can also integrate services specific to your organization.


  • Critical digital infrastructure for cyber resilience
  • Sandbox of new IoT integration
  • Application domains: Healthcare, energy, production, finance, etc.



Anyone can create a stand-alone communications network simply by switching on Green PI regardless their technical knowledge.


Green PI integrates everything needed to provide connectivity with digital services autonomously, without the need for Internet access or external infrastructure.


Green PI offers 3 layers of security. 1) The network is WPA2/WPA3 encrypted in access and backhaul. 2) Edge services use TLS and HTTPS. 3) Remote access is provided through secure IP tunnels. Green PI is also open to third parties security service integration.


Green PI can be deployed over multiple sites interconnected by secure tunnels such as offices, production sites and teleworkers.