26 Jul 2022

New YOI-6-4G/LTE

Green Communications brings to you the new YOI-6-4G/LTE router that consists of a YOI-6 (Wi-Fi 6) with a 4G modem integrated. The YOI-6-4G/LTE provides your Green PI network with a gateway to other networks (e.g. Internet) via public or private 4G, while the Wi-Fi 6 interfaces offer a high-capacity backhaul network with other YOIs and an access point to client devices. YOI-6-4G/LTE routers are embedded mesh devices featuring 320g and ≃ 7W energy consumption which make the router ideal for stand-alone, wearable and/or mobile use cases.

To know more about the specifications click on: link

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11 May 2022

SDIS 95 testing Green PI’s Direct Communications and Push2Talk Service

SDIS 95 is experimenting Green PI ‘s portable equipment to set up an alternative communication system in a context of highly degraded or non-existent network, with an embedded Push2Talk application operating without a central server.

The deployment of an on-demand communication network with embedded services allows firefighters to exchange digital communications in highly constrained environment. The foreseeable use cases will be communications in caves and quarries as well as in deep and complex infrastructures where no communication network is operational.

First part of the experiment has been conclusive. In May, a second phase of tests in natural site is scheduled.

This deployment is part of the Innov’up Experimentation Tech and Rescue call for projects launched in June 2021 by Île-de-France Region, bpifrance and Atraksis.

Find the initial article on Atraksis’s website.

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16 Mar 2022

New Wi-Fi 6 Platform

Green Communications releases, the YOI-6, a new low lower Wi-Fi 6 platform that provides high-throughput edge services over mesh network.

The YOI-6 platform comes with Wi-Fi 6 interfaces on 2.5 and 5Ghz. One interface to create the network with other YOIs (backhaul interface) and another to connect IoT devices, smartphone, tablets, etc. (access interface). YOI-6 design is tiny (280g) and low power (6W). It can be powered with a 10Ah battery and get 18h system lifetime while being wearable.

Find YOI-6 specifications sheet here. For more information, please, contact us.

16 Mar 2022

Release: GreenSoft 2022.0

The latest version of Green PI’s software (GreenSoft 2022.0) validates Wi-Fi 6, features a blockchain service, and a new Wi-Fi Scan functionality among other novelties. 

Wi-Fi 6

The new YOI-6 platform features Wi-Fi 6 for network access and backhaul. Wi-Fi 6 increases the capacity in terms of traffic transmitted through the mesh network.


GreenSoft now offers a blockchain service for tracking data transmitted through Green PI network. Innovative low power consensus algorithms and chain structure make the blockchain suited to fixed, embedded, and mobile use cases (e.g. mobile radio, V2X, mobile robots).

Green Communications’ software (the GreenSoft) is the key enabler of Green PI. The GreenSoft is set of programs from low-level to end-user web apps that allows hardware to connect with nearby Green PI devices to create a dynamic and self-configuring wireless edge network with quality of service (QoS); and to access and share a common edge cloud with a set of edge-based services (Push-to-Talk, chat, file sharing, blockchain, etc.). Green Communications releases new versions of the GreenSoft regularly.

For more information on Green PI, the GreenSoft 2022.0 and the next coming developments, please contact us. Green PI users can request the upgrade via their customer interface.

03 Jan 2022

Happy New Year

We would like to wish a Happy New Year to our customers, partners and colleagues. Thanks to you all, 2021 has been very successful.

You are more and more businesses and governments using Green PI Internet and edge cloud platform for connecting IoT, users, robots, etc. and enjoying autonomous edge-based services. In 2021, new customers joined our established customer base. The Green PI’s footprint expended worldwide. Our technology integrated vast governmental programs and Green PI found new applications in the field of Industrial IoT (IIoT) and healthcare.

2021 has been also fruitful in terms of product innovation. Green Communications released 3 new versions of its software (the GreenSoft) offering more edge-based services such as a Push-to-Talk, additional support for 4.9GHz, among other new features. We created the Internet of Edge (IoE), a solution that connects Green PI platforms operating at multiple locations to create the equivalent of a large cloud distributed at the edge (Find out more on our white paper). Finally, Green Communications started the development of a blockchain service to provide traceability to Green PI users’ data (more information coming soon).

We forecast 2022 to follow the same positive trend. Green Communications is already working on the release of new innovative products and services to satisfy the increasing demand of our customers. Among the expected novelties for 2022 we can point out Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi Halow and blockchain.

We wish you all and your organizations a healthy, prosperous, and successful year. We are looking forward to meeting you in 2022.

Green Communications’ Team

14 Oct 2021

Forum Innovation Defense 2021 in Paris

Green Communications will present its work on blockchain applied to tactical communications at the Forum Innovation Defense (FID), November 25 to 27, 2021 in Paris.

Blockchain technology offers a wide range of new applications to ground forces. A blockchain can provide immutable traceability to any sort of data shared among groups of people, drones, robots, and vehicles deployed on the field, from health status and geo-location to AI outputs and transmissions.

However, current blockchain technology is not suited to the dynamic, embedded and resource limited network environment of tactical communications. Green Communications, with the support of the RAPID funding programme, investigated the issue and co-designed, developed and prototyped a solution in collaboration with Sorbonne University and SQUAD.

Come and visit us at the forum to get more information on our blockchain solution for tactical communications. To meet with someone of our team during the event, please, contact us.

06 Oct 2021

GreenSoft 2021.2 now available

The latest version of Green PI’s software (GreenSoft 2021.2) features new edge applications and services for greater speed, security, and user experience. What is new?

Talk: New Push-to-Talk (PTT) application distributed into Green PI’s edge network nodes;

Storage: The edge-based file sharing service is faster;

My Network: Offers high accuracy geo-location service;

Security: Merge with latest operating system version;

Among others…

Green Communications’ software (the GreenSoft) is the key enabler of Green PI. The GreenSoft is set of programs from low-level to end-user web apps that allows hardware to connect with nearby Green PI devices creating a dynamic and self-configuring wireless edge network with quality of service (QoS). Green PI users and devices access and share a common edge cloud with edge-based services among which: Talk, Storage, Chat, IoT management tools, etc. Green Communications releases new versions of the GreenSoft regularly.

For more information on GreenSoft 2021.2 and the next coming versions, please contact us. Green PI users can request the upgrade via their customer interface.

07 Sep 2021

Green PI explained in a short video

Green PI is a low carbon impact Internet and Edge Cloud platform providing digital services to users and smart devices with speed, mobility, high resiliency, and data sovereignty. Watch Green PI in action on this short video.

What is Green PI?

Green PI consists in:
1.Edge network of mobile nodes
A node is either a smart device equipped with Green PI’s software (the GreenSoft) or one of the embedded IoE platforms offered by Green Communications. Nearby nodes communicate directly and form an autonomous wireless Internet infrastructure offering high-bandwidth connectivity to end-users and devices;

2. Edge cloud distributed near users
Green PI federates the computing capacity of edge network nodes to create an edge cloud distributed near end-users and devices. An edge cloud can count tens network nodes and hundreds client devices. One may scale up the edge cloud federating edge clouds operating in multiple locations and creating an Internet of Edge (IoE);

3. A set of low carbon impact digital services
Green PI’s edge cloud hosts digital services at the data source to ensure, low latency, quick server response time and resilience to Internet interruption. Edge-based services are distributed in each Green PI’s network nodes to allow nodes’ mobility without disrupting a service. The short travel of bits of information from source to server through the edge cloud releases the Internet network from unnecessary traffic and save on datacenter resources. Thus, participating significantly to reducing Internet’s carbon footprint.

Learn more about Green PI on the following links:

16 Jun 2021

Three Fire Departments Will Deploy Green PI as a Direct Communications System

Green Communications is awarded of the Innov’up Tech & Rescue Experimentation call for projects and wins the privilege to deploy and experiment Green PI as a direct communications and edge system with firefighters of Essonne, Yvelines and Seine-et-Marne fire departments.

Since no existing solutions nor infrastructures are proposing a direct communication mode, firefighters could encounter problems to share voice, video and data during interventions. Public and private infrastructure-based networks could be destroyed, inactive, attacked or jammed. The direct multihop and edge solution proposed by Green Communications is moving along with the firefighters for facilitating rescue interventions in constrained environments.

We would like to thanks Atraksis, the Île-de-France region and Bpifrance who organized this call for projects and to congratulate all the winners McLloydMoten TechnologiesEVERSATArt Graphique & Patrimoine. We are now looking forward to starting the deployments.

For more information on the Innov’up Tech & Rescue Experimentation call for projects, please, follow the link. For more information on Green PI and its Public Safety applications please, contact us.