Carbon Footprint of Internet of Edges

Carbon Footprint of Internet of Edges

Green Communications has conducted a study to evaluate the carbon footprint of cloud, edge and Internet of Edges solutions in collaboration with researchers from Sorbonne University, and Paris Saclay University.

The results reveal that bringing digital services closer to producers and consumers of data, called the edge, could halve the greenhouse gas emissions of a digital service compared to cloud-based solutions. Connecting nearby edges directly and, possibly, wirelessly to each other, called the Internet of Edges, could reduce the carbon footprint of digital communications by a factor of up to 16.

Almost half of the global datasphere will consist of local data by 2025 (IDC). To save this local data from a long and unnecessary journey, synonymous with wasted resources, we could consider using digital infrastructures that create short circuits for vicinity data, such as edge infrastructures and the Internet of Edges.

The full report is available here:

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