01 Jul 2015

Recent deployment: Green PI for emergencies with Groupe INTRA

Groupe INTRA chose Green Communications to do the wireless coverage of their annual nuclear accident first response event last June at the Chinon EDF Nuclear Plant.

The Group of Robotics INTervention on Accidents (INTRA) simulated the fast deployment of a fleet of robotics machines on the field of a nuclear accident and used Green PI technology to forward real time videos and restore quickly communications on the field.

Within minutes, Green PI embedded routers (GreenBox) were deployed in the area and real time videos streamed from drones and robots were transferred to a control station. Green PI wireless network also provided rescuers with embedded & autonomous applications and services such as chat, VoIP, videoconference, video streaming, etc.

Find here a short video about the Group INTRA deployment.

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25 May 2015

Green at the Connected conference – May 28, 2015 – Paris

Green Communications will exhibit the Green PI technology at the Connected Conference on May 28th at Carreau du Temple in Paris. Come visit us at the Sartup Village powered by Orange.
Connected Conference is a 3-Day Event dedicated to the intersection of Hardware & Internet.
Green PI is a wearable wireless network that answers connectivity challenges of network densification, mobility and sustainability.
Find out more about the event on this website http://connectedconference.co/
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13 Apr 2015

Alcatel Lucent meets with Green Communications

As part of the global initiative of large corporation to engage with startups, Alcatel-Lucent encountered eight innovative SMEs from the Telecom industry during a meeting organized by the Systematic Competitive Cluster. The meeting aims to create the opportunity to debate on synergies and opportunities between Michel Combes, CEO of Alcatel-Lucent, and the SMEs. Green Communications was one of the eight startups selected to attend this event.

More information by following this link

13 Apr 2015

Green PI achieves videoconferencing over 10 Wi-Fi hops

Green Communications demonstrates the quality of its Green PI technology and Qolyester routing algorithm by achieving a videoconference over 10 network Wi-Fi hops.
By partnering with the leading energy player EDF, we were able to test the rapid deployment of an instant communication network: Ten GreenBox (access points) were deployed and connected instantaneously using our advanced Device-to-Device technology, creating a Wi-Fi network without the need of either a preliminary audit or previous infrastructure.
Within minutes, two people located at either end of the network were able to exchange calls and videoconference over the 10 Wi-Fi hops. The Qolyester’s Handoff functionality allowed them to move along the network without interruption.
It is the first time a real time video is operated over a high number of Wi-Fi hops validating our routing algorithm for large-scale deployment and for mobility purpose.
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Network View

01 Dec 2014

Green Communications will exhibit at the Osons la France forum, December 4-7 2014, Paris

We are pleased to announce our participation at the Osons la France forum as one of the two most promising companies selected by Alcatel-Lucent. We are going to expose the Wearable YOI (My Own Internet) product for Smart Citizens, a local and wearable Internet you can carry with you and share. The Osons la France forum aims to promote innovative companies that represent the future of our country.

If you want to know more about us and the M.O.I product, come to visit us at the 200Batisseurs booth or contact our team.


01 Oct 2014

Green Communications in Le Monde Informatique

On September 30th, Alcatel Lucent launched its “Innovation City”, where several innovative startups were invited to exhibit their products. Green Communications presented Green PI (Participatory Internet) for a new generation of Internet network: wearable, instantaneous and autonomous.