Release: GreenSoft 2022.0

Release: GreenSoft 2022.0

The latest version of Green PI’s software (GreenSoft 2022.0) validates Wi-Fi 6, features a blockchain service, and a new Wi-Fi Scan functionality among other novelties. 

Wi-Fi 6

The new YOI-6 platform features Wi-Fi 6 for network access and backhaul. Wi-Fi 6 increases the capacity in terms of traffic transmitted through the mesh network.


GreenSoft now offers a blockchain service for tracking data transmitted through Green PI network. Innovative low power consensus algorithms and chain structure make the blockchain suited to fixed, embedded, and mobile use cases (e.g. mobile radio, V2X, mobile robots).

Green Communications’ software (the GreenSoft) is the key enabler of Green PI. The GreenSoft is set of programs from low-level to end-user web apps that allows hardware to connect with nearby Green PI devices to create a dynamic and self-configuring wireless edge network with quality of service (QoS); and to access and share a common edge cloud with a set of edge-based services (Push-to-Talk, chat, file sharing, blockchain, etc.). Green Communications releases new versions of the GreenSoft regularly.

For more information on Green PI, the GreenSoft 2022.0 and the next coming developments, please contact us. Green PI users can request the upgrade via their customer interface.