Green PI explained in a short video

Green PI explained in a short video

Green PI is a low carbon impact Internet and Edge Cloud platform providing digital services to users and smart devices with speed, mobility, high resiliency, and data sovereignty. Watch Green PI in action on this short video.

What is Green PI?

Green PI consists in:
1.Edge network of mobile nodes
A node is either a smart device equipped with Green PI’s software (the GreenSoft) or one of the embedded IoE platforms offered by Green Communications. Nearby nodes communicate directly and form an autonomous wireless Internet infrastructure offering high-bandwidth connectivity to end-users and devices;

2. Edge cloud distributed near users
Green PI federates the computing capacity of edge network nodes to create an edge cloud distributed near end-users and devices. An edge cloud can count tens network nodes and hundreds client devices. One may scale up the edge cloud federating edge clouds operating in multiple locations and creating an Internet of Edge (IoE);

3. A set of low carbon impact digital services
Green PI’s edge cloud hosts digital services at the data source to ensure, low latency, quick server response time and resilience to Internet interruption. Edge-based services are distributed in each Green PI’s network nodes to allow nodes’ mobility without disrupting a service. The short travel of bits of information from source to server through the edge cloud releases the Internet network from unnecessary traffic and save on datacenter resources. Thus, participating significantly to reducing Internet’s carbon footprint.

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