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In the News

“With Green Communications, short, sustainable circuits also work for the Internet” an article written by Baptiste Roux Dit Riche and published this week in the “20 minute” newspayer for BPI France. Here is what the article says:

“For the vast majority of us, the expression “Short Distribution Channels” evokes, at first glance, the world of fresh produce rather than that of digital infrastructures. And yet, since 2010, the innovative French SME Green Communications (Paris) has been designing and marketing software installed in various terminals (smartphones, computers, wi-fi boxes, etc.) to create short circuits for data. In other words, to directly connect producers and consumers of data, avoiding the long journeys through the traditional Internet.”

Indeed, Green Communications has created Green PI, a new generation of digital infrastructure that builds on the crowd of IoT devices. Green IP federates the resources of neighbouring connected objects (network, computing and storage), enabling them to share their local traffic directly and wirelessly, rather than traveling long distances via the ordinary Internet and cloud computing infrastructures. Mr Roux Dit Riche adds:

“For business customers, short circuits for digital information offer many advantages, such as low latency, high autonomy and proven security, not to mention a low energy footprint.”

According to IDC, nearly half of the global datasphere will be proximity data by 2025 – data produced by and stored on endpoints (IoT, vehicles, robots, smartphones, etc.). Transporting this data over long distances through traditional infrastructures is synonymous with latency, wasted resources and threats to sovereignty. Green Communications with Green PI proposes to route proximity traffic over a new layer of the Internet – a direct, horizontal communications infrastructure created by the devices themselves – in order to save resources, improve communications performance, resilience and sovereignty.

Today, Green IP digitizes military and rescue operations, and facilitates the automation of hospitals, construction sites, agriculture and transportation systems, among other professional applications generating large quantities of local and sometimes sensitive or critical data. Tomorrow, Green IP could be applied to any connected object to create a vast horizontal layer of the Internet, offering short digital circuits to all data producers and consumers.

Green Communications is part of the Coq vert, a community of business leaders convinced of the need to act and already committed to the ecological and energy transition.

Access the full article on the 20 minutes website and here.

More information on the Green PI technology is available on the link.

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