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13 Oct 2020

5G: All You Need to Know

At a time when 5G is being deployed around the world, the book “should we be afraid of 5G”, written by Guy Pujolle, Emeritus Professor at Sorbonne University, pioneer in high-speed networking and, Co-Founder and President of Green Communications, answers all the questions that arise from a technological, social, environmental and political point of view to unravel the true from the false and understand everything about 5G!

Guy Pujolle is an eminent expert in computer science and telecommunications. He was at the origin of several inventions and important patents like DPI, Wi-Fi controller, and virtual networks. Guy Pujolle received several prices for his work and publications, in particular the Grand Prix of French Academy of Sciences in 2013.

Where to find the book:


In the news: Europe 1 (radio), L’Usine Nouvelle.

11 May 2020

Green Communications’ Swarm of Drones Project Was Awarded a Seal of Excellence by the European Commission

Swarms of drones usually operate under the coverage of GNSS* and LTE/ Wi-Fi infrastructures. Green Communications innovates and creates fully autonomous swarms that can operate without infrastructure and in GNSS denied environment. Thus, using the Green PI technology combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Green Communications’ solution of swarm of autonomous drones was scored as a high-quality project and was awarded a Seal of Excellence by the European Commission.

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*GNSS: Global Navigation Satellite System

27 Sep 2018

Green Communications to present its swarm of drones solution at Drone Paris Region Expo 2018

Green Communications showcases its Green PI technology integrated into mini-drones to create a collaborative swarm that can be deployed by a single operator over isolated areas without Internet coverage nor GPS signal.

Come and visit us at Drone Paris Region Expo, September 27-28, 2018 in BRÉTIGNY-SUR-ORGE on AIRBUS’s booth 19.

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Find more information about the Drone Paris Region Expo 2018 on the link:

30 Aug 2018

Green Communications connects the firefighters of Ille-et-Vilaine (France)

The call for tenders of the fire department of Ille-et-Villaine (SDIS 35) for a stand-alone Wi-Fi mesh network is attributed to Green Communications.

In a context of natural or man-made disaster, rescue forces need connectivity to make use of the SINUS application for the counting and identification of victims. Green Communications proposes a rapid deployable Wi-Fi infrastructure composed of a set of weatherproof Wi-Fi mesh nodes featuring 19 hours of battery life based on its Green PI low power and lightweight mesh devices.

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23 May 2018

Zero carbon Internet showcased at Viva Technology 2018 with Green Communications technology

Imagine a world where connectivity is everywhere and has zero impact on the environment. This is happening now. The concept will be showcased at Viva Technology 2018, May 24-26 in Paris by Orange in partnership with Green Communications.

At the entrance of VivaTech show, visitors will discover a Green PI connected station offering public WiFi hotspot and proximity services available on a local web portal.

The standalone station is solar powered, mobile and connects to Internet and with other connectivity stands wirelessly so that one can deploy one or a group of stations with no constrains.

The web portal offers local content and collaborative applications (chat, video, file sharing, etc.) hosted close to the end user to increase the navigation speed and reduce the energy resources used to reach vicinity information.

Green PI is the low carbon impact Internet infrastructure developed by Green Communications. Green PI is composed of low power mesh hotspots with edge cloud and local applications and services.

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05 Feb 2018


Green Communications releases a stand-alone mobile Mesh network for the rapid set up of an Internet infrastructure with autonomous applications and services.

The system comprises:

  • A set of handheld Mesh routers (YOI)
  • Batteries of 20h autonomy and more
  • A YOI-4G/LTE to connect Green PI to other networks
  • Embedded applications (Voice and video over IP, chat, file storage, web, etc.) for autonomous work.

Within minutes, one can extend the coverage of a private LTE or a mobile 4G network inside buildings, tunnels and to remote areas by simply turning ON the YOI devices. This sets a Green PI network up providing both local-based services and global Internet access through the YOI-4G/LTE gateway.

Green Communications delivers customized Green PI Mobile Networks with additional YOI, gateways, battery life and services upon request.

Find out more on Green PI Mobile Network product by following the links below:


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06 Oct 2017

New YOI-4G/LTE: A low power Mesh router with a 4G modem

Green Communications releases the YOI-4G/LTE, a new low power Mesh router equipped with a 4G modem to connect a Green PI network to Internet.

Green PI is a battery power based networking solution to create a mobile Internet infrastructure.  The new YOI-4G/LTE provides Green PI with an Internet access that propagates through the network to extend the 4G/LTE coverage inside tunnels, buildings or for temporary events.

Find out more about the YOI-4G/LTE and Green PI mobile Internet infrastructure by following the links below:

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22 Jun 2017

Green Communications wins at Cisco’s IoT for Business Lab

Green Communications was selected as one of the most innovative startups to participate in Cisco’s IoT for Business Lab during Viva Technology 2017. Cisco initiated a Runway Program for winning startups, giving them an opportunity to further their collaboration with Cisco experts and allowing access to Cisco’s technology to continue building their prototype.


02 Jun 2017

Green PI at Cisco’s IoT Lab – Viva Technology, June 15th-17th, Paris 2017

Green Communications is invited by Cisco to exhibit its technology Green PI for IoT and connectivity at Cisco’s IoT Lab during Viva Technology Paris 2017. Green Communications will have the opportunity to build a Green PI based prototype with Cisco.

Green PI is a new generation of Internet infrastructure merging both embedded MESH and FOG computing technologies for faster, cheaper and energy efficient network densification.

More information on the event by following the link:

To meet with us at Cisco’s IoT Lab (hall 1 – booth C12-029) during Viva Technology, June 15th-17th in Paris, please, contact us.